About Adam Clitheroe

My name is Adam Clitheroe and I’m a filmmaker and photographer based in London, UK.

You are looking at my filmmaking website. I have a separate website for photography here and I publish photobooks here.

My background is in making ‘elevated’ documentaries – these days, that’s a term that encompasses many factual hybrid projects, whether they’re commercials, documentaries, dramas or corporates.  I specialize in shoots that require creative thinking and innovative responses to the subject matter, often in challenging and fast-moving environments. I’ve worked in many genres of films in the last few years – including fashion, architecture, luxury, craftsmanship, music, arts, children, travel, industrial, business and news.

I work as a director, director of photography, camera operator and editor, or any combination of these to suit a project. I’ve worked across high and low budget productions in all of these roles.

My independent documentary feature film One Man in the Band was released in 2008 and has had cult success.

If you’d like to talk to me about projects, drop me a line here.

Thank you!