The Jonny Halifax Invocation – Lake of Fire

Video for the first single release from the album Açid Blüüs Räägs: Volume 1 by The Jonny Halifax Invocation, released April 2022 on God Unknown Records.

“Inspired by Henry Flynt’s avant bluegrass experiments fusing country-blues with eastern acoustic musical stylings, Spacemen 3’s contemporary sitar music, and the monolithic drone doom immersion of Sunn 0))), The Jonny Halifax Invocation builds hypnotic instrumental soundscapes using lap steel and homemade slide guitars, harmonica and alto sax, underpinned by layers of acoustic and electronic drone instruments and fed through an arsenal of pedalboard electronics that would make Dave Gilmour weep. The blues are transmogrified, unhinged, reduced and re-imagined as intoxicating, trance-inducing, feedback-drenched noise paintings. ‘Açid Blüüs Räägs: Volume 1’ plays like a psychedelic western movie soundtrack… frenzied electric lap steel guitar suites play to melting cowboy minds. Flaming tumbleweeds blow in slow motion across wide open concrete vistas. Jodorowsky’s El Topo meets Ballard’s High Rise in an apocalyptic knife edge disintegrating urban landscape. Shut your eyes and conjure the best nightmares you’ve never had…” – Shindig! Magazine

Directed and filmed with vintage lenses on the Isle of Sheppey by Adam Clitheroe.

Director’s cut.