The Monsters ( are the self-proclaimed leading purveyors of “chainsaw massacre garage punk and primitive rock’n’roll trash” to come out of Bern, Switzerland. Driven by the relentless pounding of two drummers and the sawdust vocals of sometimes-one-man-band ‘Reverend’ Beat-Man Zeller, they are a visceral antidote to pop pap.

This fan’s-eye view of the The Monsters live at the Lexington, London, was filmed on 29th October 2011. The audio is a bit mushy, but it was fun to shoot a video from the middle of the rowdy crowd in front of the stage. After all, some music is made to hurt as well as be heard.

I Want You
Whatcha Gonna Do
Ain’t Crawling Back to You No More
High Heels and Mini Skirt
Outro instrumental

Director, camera, editor.